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SuperCollaforce 10 000

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REF: DM 0001055LT001
Brand: DietMed

- Resets the levels of collagen the body needs
- Improves skin structure
- Reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone
- Strengthens bones
- Improves joint health

  • Description

    Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid Due to its richness in Collagen (10,000 mg) to which magnesium, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D are added, SuperCollaforce 10,000 is perfect for improving the overall well-being of the body, from hair, nails, joints and skin, and also has a satiating effect.
    Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal cartilage function, normal bone functioning and normal skin function.
    Vitamin D and Magnesium contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and to the maintenance of normal muscle functioning.

    Values per 15 g:
    Enzymeically Hydrolyzed Collagen 10000 mg
    Magnesium 187.5 mg (50% VRN*)
    Vitamin C 80 mg (100% VRN*)
    Hilauronic Acid 10 mg
    Vitamin D 5 ?g (100% VRN*)
    Citric Acid
    Strawberry aroma
    L-ascorbic acid
    Fruit Aroma of the Grove

    *VRN Nutrient Reference Value

    Instructions of Use:
    1 measure (15 g.) per day, preferably after breakfast, diluted in water or fruit juice.

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